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About Us

Falafel Omisi began in 1961, in Tel Mond, Israel by the Omisi matriarch, Rachel Omisi, using a secret family recipe which has passed down through each generation originating in Yemen. In 2011, Falafel Omisi was opened in Melbourne, Australia. 

A kosher, vegetarian restaurant serving flavours from the middle east such as falafel, sabich and malawach. We bring to you the same recipe used in the family for 3 generations. With only the freshest ingredients, we have been complimented on our genuine flavors and authentic spices. 

Our falafels are gluten free, and our salads are made fresh daily on the premises. Please come to falafel omisi and experience our genuine flavors and great atmosphere. Once you try our falafel, you will be sure to return!

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